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Rethinking Legal Scholarship


Salle P61


15 October 2024 (TBC)

Rethinking Legal Scholarship

Hans Micklitz (EUI)

15 October 2024, 11am-5pm

Cycle Interdiscipliarités en droit

11am-12pm: Interview with Hans Micklitz moderated by Anne-Lise Sibony. Prof. Micklitz has a knack for provocative questions about what legal researchers do. He thinks a critical approach to law is necessary but does not shy away from exercising his critical sense also towards interdisciplinary approaches. Hans Micklitz will answer questions about his own research path in European Private law first Germany and then at the European Institute in Florence, where he supervised numerous PhDs.

12.15pm-1pm - Lunch break ​

1pm-2:30pm – Presentation: Is there a European Advantage in Legal Scholarship? European legal scholarship is traditionally more doctrinal, less empirical or interdisciplinary than US legal scholarship. This is sometimes cause for an inferiority complex. Should it be? 

This presentation will offer an update on the chapter A European Advantage in Legal Scholarship? (from Part II - Should Doctrinal Legal Scholarship Be Abandoned?) of Van Gestel, R., Micklitz, H., & Rubin, E. (Eds.). (2017), Rethinking Legal Scholarship: A Transatlantic Dialogue. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 

Participants are invited to read this chapter and, if time permits, the introductory chapter to the same book.

2:30pm-3pm - Coffee break

3pm-5pm Masterclass: Participants will briefly present their question relating to positioning within European legal scholarship and get feedback. 

Contributions on any topic of European Law or connected to EU law will be privileged. Participants are invited to share questions about their research positioning, how they build (or struggle to build) a critical stance towards the legal development they analyse. Participants are invited to link their question to the above chapter (Is there a European Advantage in Legal Scholarship?) but this is not mandatory.  

Doctoral students wishing to benefit from Hans Micklitz' advice will submit a short text (2000 words maximum) explaining their question about their positioning. 

Proposals should be sent by email to Hans Micklitz (  before October 10th, 2024. The text (maximum 2000 words) should be attached to the e-mail in Word format.

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(Registration closes on October 10th, 2024)


To access Room P61, enter via the main entrance: Bd du Jardin Botanique 43 1000 Brussels.

Take the lift to the 4th floor.

As you exit the lift, on your right, cross the terrace, enter the Club House (cafeteria) and exit through the second door on the right (next to the water dispenser).

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