Welcome on the website of the doctoral school hosting all PhD students in law working at one of the French speaking universities of Belgium (UCLouvain, UNamur, USaint-Louis-Bruxelles, ULB and ULg).

The mission of the doctoral school, which is supported by the FNRS, is to help PhD students complete the PhD process successfully and prepare them for their future career.

A PhD is the highest and most valued diploma one may obtain in higher education. PhD's are crucial in order to advance science and bring new insights to the law. Obtaining a PhD is a key element of any tenure track appointment in academia. Beyond the academic career, holding a PhD opens many doors in other fields : lawyers with PhD's work in all legal professions (practicing attorneys, judges, in house counsels and much more) where their skills are in high demand. A good number of our PhD students come from abroad, attracted by the high quality of the education offered ar our Universities.

Our PhD students work on multi-year programs (usually four years), writing a dissertation on a question they have selected. Most PhD students adopt an interdisciplinary approach, leaning on another discipline (such as history, philosophy, economics, etc.) to further their research. At the end of the process, PhD students have become experts in their discipline and present an original dissertation.

The Linkedin Group aims to create a network among current PhD students but also those who have already defended their PhD's. It is also open to all PhD supervisors, members of reading committees, researchers working both in Belgium (in French and Dutch speaking universities) and abroad. This page aims to allow information to be shared among all these actors, but also more widely to professionals working outside academia who may have an interest in current and past PhD's. Potential employers are more than welcome to use the information available on this page.


The scientific committee of the doctoral school invites you to regularly visit this page and thereby contribute to the working of this community of PhD students and academics.